If you are looking for relaxation and want to experience new experiences, you've come to the right place.

We cordially invite you to our Heaven Massage salon located in the center of Krakow.

We offer massages such as Tantric massage, Nuru massage (Body to body massage) and Lingam / Yoni massage.

Each massage always takes place in a blissful and peaceful atmosphere in a properly prepared room. Massages take place on a special massage mat, and the room is darkened, the candlelight envelops the body, and in the background you can hear relaxing music, appropriately selected for the massage act. Our nice, attractive and trained masseuses will host you to make you feel at home in a friendly atmosphere. They will try to make your time spent in our salon an unforgettable moment of relaxation and a moment of experiencing an extraordinary and unusual experience, which is tantric massage, Nuru and Lingam / Yoni.

A visit to our salon will make you feel like in heaven.

We invite you, Heavenly Massage.

*A visit requires prior reservation for a specific hour.

*ATTENTION: The possibility of touching the masseuse only in the Silver and Gold Packages means a light touch of the masseuse, of course not taking into account her private/intimate zone.

*ATTENTION: Salon Heaven Massage provides services of the type of relaxing massages. We do not provide any sexual services!


TANTRA MASSAGE - this sensual ritual comes from northern India. It connects the heart, body and spirit with each other, activating and cleansing the chakras. It brings bliss felt by our entire being.

Tantra is the secret to stimulating the chakras and other energy areas, enhancing vitality and kindling sexual desire. Tantric massage is a way to awaken sensuality, sexuality and closeness in relation to oneself and other people.

NURU MASSAGE - Japanese massage technique based on naked body contact. Professional, warm oils are used for the massage, thanks to which you can freely perform body to body massage.

Nuru massage, unlike other massages, is performed only with the naked body. This is a great way to map your body. This massage gives the greatest possibility of contact between the common bodies.

LINGAM MASSAGE - massage of the intimate zone with hands through pressures and movements of various and variable intensities. This massage is performed at the end of the massage act to release the accumulated sexual energy. It complements the entire session. Each of the masseuses has their own individual, developed technique. The Lingam massage also takes into account the patient's opinion, which the masseuse takes into account in the session.

Lingam / Yoni massage is performed at the end of Tantric and Nuru massage. If the patient is not ready for any reason and does not want to end his session with a Lingam / Yoni massage, you can skip this act and inform the masseuse about it.

YONI MASSAGE - the word Yoni in Sanskrit literally means "sacred place" or "source". Touch is a type of self-therapy that teaches us to contact our own body. It requires attention, focus and commitment. It teaches you how to give and receive. Through touch, we also learn what gives us pleasure, what pain, what causes tension and what relaxes us. Massage has a therapeutic effect, which is why it allows you to release tensions, traumas and unresolved emotions. When we restore softness in our tissues, we begin to open up to our sensitivity and deeper feeling, as well as to the flow of pleasure.

For more practical information about our massages, please visit the "Offer" section.

ATTENTION: Salon Heaven Massage provides services of the type of relaxing massages. We do not provide any sexual services!

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We invite you to massages 7 days a week from 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 a.m.

    * Mail is not supported all the time. In order to make a quick reservation, please send a message to the given telephone number. We also support WhatsApp and Viber.


    • These regulations define the rules for using the services of the Massage Room.
    Ignorance of the regulations does not exempt from complying with them.
    • The salon provides services in the field of relaxing massages.
    • The salon does not provide services in the field of sports and therapeutic massages.
    • The employees of the Salon are obliged to respect the dignity and privacy of the Customer.
    Minors cannot use the massage parlor services.

    It is forbidden to:
    • Consuming alcoholic beverages and being under its influence.
    • Smoking.
    • Bringing and using steroids, drugs and entering the Salon under their influence.
    • Trade and Acquisition.
    • Sticking and leaving advertisements.

    • Treatments can only be used during opening hours.
    • Full financial responsibility is borne by the client for damage to the property of the Salon caused by the client's act or omission.
    • The equipment and devices of the Salon should be used in accordance with their intended use and indications of the Salon employee. The Salon is not responsible for damage to the health of people using the devices in the Salon without consent. It is forbidden to take the Cabinet's equipment outside its area.
    The massage parlor is not responsible for any items owned by the Customer that are left unattended, including their loss or damage.
    • The salon reserves the right to cancel treatments due to unforeseen random reasons.
    All changes to treatments or their cancellation should be reported at least 1 hour before the planned treatment. For services canceled at a later time, a fee of 100% of the ordered service will be charged.
    If the Customer is late for the visit, the Salon employee has the right to shorten the time of the visit, if it would otherwise result in a delay in treatments for subsequent customers.
    It is forbidden to conduct generally considered indecent, offensive or aggressive.
    The salon does not provide sexual services. Any attempts to convince them will result in the interruption of the massage and the Client's 100% charge for the previously agreed massage.
    • The salon is not responsible for accidents caused by non-compliance with the regulations.
    • In special cases, the masseur has the right to refuse to perform the treatment (e.g. skin diseases / inflammation of the client) In disputes not covered by these regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code shall apply. The office reserves the right to amend these regulations.